Past exhibitions

1999-2001:  Classic academy of the arts. France.
Gallery free expression. La Rochelle.
Gallery ST CLOUD. Sarlat.

2002: Gallery carries(wears) of Chanac. Tulle

2003: Gallery St Pierre . Limoge

2004: Private exhibition(exposure). Bordeaux.
Exhibition(Exposure) of groups  » Russian paints(paintings) « . Paris 7éme.

2005: Gallery Jean Pierre Silvestre. Marseille.

2006: Gallery of Tourgeville.

2007: Gallery of Tourgeville
Autumn lounge(show). Paris.

2011: Exhibition(exposure)  » The shout spaces out Daniel-Sorano. Paris.
Exhibition(Exposure) gallery Raw material, Surgéres.
Lounge(Show) Arts and signature.
Collective exhibition(exposure) open air. La Rochelle.
Exhibition(Exposure) The butterflies of Carpentras.
Exhibition(Exposure) The barn. Saint Sernin of Duras.
Lounge(Show) of the Arts and techniques. Saints.
International fair of Atlantic Nantes Facade.
Lounge(Show) Arts Atlantic. La Rochelle.
Lounge(Show) Wandering. Vendée.

2012: Lounge contemporary art bulk Art. Made dirty by Béarn.
Festival of current arts. Saint Martin of Ré.
Exhibition collective Gallery Matiére premiére. Surgéres.
Biénnale Art abstracts XXI siécle. The Face Rouen.
Gallery of contemporary art Fpl. Royan.

2013: Collective exhibition(exposure) Squared Amelot. La Rochelle.
Collective exhibition(exposure) Gallery Fpl. Royan.
Solo exhibition(exposure) Gallery The bicycle. Chateauxrenard.
Abstract art XXI siécle Biénnale. The Face. Rouen.
Solo exhibition(exposure) in Of Belushi. Paris.
Lounge(Show) Art Atlantic La Rochelle. Represented by Artbook.

2014: Presented and displayed(exposed) by the magazine Our Arts to the big of contemporary Art. Paris Bastille from 1 till 5 May.
Lounge(Show) of plastic arts of La Rochelle from 07 till 21 June.
Exhibition(Exposure) gallery Esquié. La Rochelle from 31 till 06 June.
Exhibition(Exposure) of arts contemporary the Metamorphoses the Orangery. Mothe Saint héray from 21 till 12 July.
Art Panorama house of the artists Moscow from 24 till 12 August.
Presented and displayed(exposed) by the Magazine Our art has The exhibition 4 contemporary Art 1st price(prize), Claye Souilly from 03 till 12 October.
25éme Autumn lounge(show), Royan from 27 till 19 October 1e price(prize)
Presented and displayed(exposed) by the magazine Our Arts to the big contemporary art market

2015: Presented and displayed(exposed) by Artbook edition(publishing). Lounge(show) art3F. Nantes from 23 till 25 January.
Presented and displayed(exposed) by the magazine Our arts to the big contemporary art market has Bastille. Paris from 01 till 05 May.
Solo exhibition(exposure). Barachoix. St Trojan-les Bains from 25 till 07 June.
29Eme lounge(show) of visual art of La Rochelle. From 06 till 20 June
Medal of the city of La Rochelle.
11Eme lounge(show) of international visual art. From 17 till 20 June

Festival of contemporary art The new metamorphoses.
The orangery Mothe Saint-Héray. From 20 till 12 July.
Solo exhibition(exposure) private room Restoring Barbaresco
Villjuif. From 03 till 30 September.
Art Panorama prison of the artists Moscow
From 06 till 30 July.

Solo exhibition(exposure) gallery of contemporary art Royan.
Of September 22nd au10 in October.
Exhibition(Exposure) Gallery Sonia Monti. Paris 8éme
From September 03rd till December 31st.
Presented and displayed(exposed) by gallery Sonia Monti contemporary art market
Bastille. From October 29th till November 02nd.
Présénté and displayed(exposed) by C.A.V.I.P. Lounge(show) Arts Atlantic. La Rochelle
From 20 till 22 November





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