Tax system

If you are a business (as individual companies, BIC, BNC, etc. …. IS) who do not know the provisions of Article 238bis AB of the tax code.

Arrangements for acquisitions of art works by living artists.

Indeed, the buyer will take pleasure in seeing his painting at his place of work, must know that if his company who bought it, it will deduct from its taxable income each year for 5 years, 20% the acquisition value of the artwork(original by a living artist). This purchase, treated as an investment, not within the scope of the tax professional.

The deduction (including other donations also deductible on the year) is limited to 5 per thousand of sales of the company.

Thus, a canvas of 5,000 euros for FIVE years allows a reduction of taxable income for 1000 euros a buyer inturnover greater than or equal to 200,000 euros.

The only requirement is to expose this work to the public or to employees in a place accessible to the company,except for offices during the deduction period, or 5 years.

See Article 238 bis AB on (french)

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